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What do Metro Detroit animals and Level Headed Pomade have in common?

Some of you may have noticed on our products' label there's a little line that says, "Part of proceeds donated to charity." In order to save space we kept it short and sweet but that charity is actually the Michigan Humane Society. Every month we donate a percentage of our gross profits to the humane society in order to keep our furry friends safe and healthy. Many animals living on the streets are because of neglect on behalf of humans so its up to us to turn it around. In 2019 the Michigan Humane Society rescued 1798 animals and fed 32,647 animals! They help find foster parents for animals waiting to be adopted and in 2019 had nearly 8,000 adoptions. My wife and I adopted this handsome boy from the humane society almost 8 years ago! Heinz has been such a wonderful dog for us and our kids, we couldn't be happier.

So go and adopt your own or you can also just donate on their website at . If you'd just like to enjoy some animal pictures check out their instagram here: . Thanks for reading! This is just one more reason to feel good about choosing Level Headed Pomade for your hair!


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