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Our Bamboo Safety Razor, Updates and More

The Level Headed safety razor.

Here's a look at the soon to be released safety razor. They are gun metal grey with a finely, triple sanded bamboo handle and are a machined zinc alloy with a decent weight to them (81g). They come with a stand and utilize a double edged razor blade which are included with their purchase (10 blades). Once this item is available I will notify my readers first as it will be a limited quantity to start.


The aftershave is coming along swimmingly. I have been stuck on a "Tea Tree Mint" scent unless something else tantilizes my nostrils. I have decided to forgo alcohol all together in favor of healthier skin. Eliminating alcohol makes it easier to use on the face which is important because this product will be an everyday use facial cleanser as well as an aftershave. I got alcohol in my eyes so you didn't have to, you're welcome!

One Tree Planted News! Some of you may have seen our social media post about our trees being planted in Uganda. If you plant enough trees you get to pick where they go. We're still a small fry company so they chose. This actually was very interesting because, why Uganda? Last year One Tree Planted launched a partnership with Jane Goodall to plant 3 million trees in Uganda as part of a conservation effort to restore chimpanzee habitat and provide biological corridors for chimpanzees to safely pass between forests. Here's a video on it:

How Can You Contribute to Sustainability Efforts at Home?

This month we're going to focus on your home's energy footprint. Your tv, cordless vacuum, stereo, coffee maker, toaster, computer and more all draw small amounts of energy when plugged in and not in use. This energy is wasted away. Unplugging all devices when not in use actually saves an abundant amount of energy across the nation as well as cutting down on your utility bills. If everyone did this we would save enough energy to get rid of 50 large power plants in America. A good alternative is to use power strips and timers to truly power down your home while you sleep and work.

Thanks for reading!


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