New Hybrid Pomade

As the barber industry changes, so should the pomade industry. Working behind the chair for over ten years, I've seen a great influx of water based products overtake the oil based market. I noticed people categorized every cream, clay, gel, and paste under the "pomade" label for marketing purposes. Why not create a product that combines both components? Our healthy hair pomade is oil based, which refers to its majority makeup, however, it washes out quicker than most water soluble hair pomades. This allows for heavy nourishment of hair strands and scalp without the endless use of shampoo to wash out, the best of both worlds. We accomplish this by using a combination of orange peel extract (OPE) and ceteareth-25 (a fatty alcohol) in our recipe. The OPE has active attributes including its great scent, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities. On the flip side, when OPE and ceteareth-25 are exposed to water, their inactive attributes kick in and help water mix with oil to wash away unwanted dirt on contact with water. Still not convinced? Try it for yourself and see.


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