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Firm Hold Pomade, New Products and One Tree Planted!


`We recently put in some work to overhaul our firm hold pomade. It just wasn't a strong enough hold. Plus, to better serve our customers we needed a more diverse range between the Original Hold and the Firm. It is now more Bruce Lee and less Jake Paul. Need to Reload?

New Product Watch!

I'm always thinking about ways to expand and how to make products that will wow our customers, anything less is a waste of time. Level Headed will soon be rolling out an all natural, great smelling aftershave with a bamboo handled safety razor to follow. We want to make your home shaving experience an unforgettable one. Aftershave is also a great way to clean your face and rid it of oils mid day for a refreshing jolt. COMING SOON!

One Tree Planted Broken Down

I get asked alot about how this process with our partner works. Most people think a dollar could never plant a whole tree. The secret is patience. If you start from the earliest point and think long term anything is possible, even slowing climate change. In the graphic next to us you can see that when working with many trees from seedling age they only cost pennies to plant, water, grow and transport to their forever homes. If you'd like to know more click the link below. One Tree Planted

How Else Can You Contribute to Sustainability Efforts at Home?

I'm excited about this section (Not just because of my wonderful graphic) because aside from planting trees there is so much we can be doing at home to be patriotic earthlings. This month we're gonna start simple with replacing your daily beverage with a reusable water bottle. Simple but very effective. Some water bottles are even BPA free and can be reused for a long time. Personally, I like to throw in some cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar or an Emergen-C packet (free advertisement, your'e welcome) to add in some flavor. BARBERSHOP SPOTLIGHT: "The Henchmen House"

One of the many perks of running Level Headed Pomade is being able to check out all the cool shops out there. This month I want to highlight the Henchmen House in Grand Rapids. Not just because they carry our products but because they have a genuine feel and a sleek styled shop. Check out their website

Thank you for reading!


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