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Earth Month, Algae Solar Panels and Fridge Coils

April is Earth Month!

You may have celebrated in the past or have at least heard of earth month, if not, here's a little context: Earth month centers around Earth day which is April 22nd. Earth day is recognized as the largest civic event in the world! The day and weeks leading up to it aim to raise awareness about climate change and global warming. Since its inception in 1970, the special day and month has grown exponentially around the world. One Tree Planted has put a list together of 39 things to do for Earth Month. See how many you can cross off! 39 Things to do for Earth Month! Biodegradable Algae Solar Panels

After reading this story and posting it on our instagram for others to see I just couldn't wait to get more in depth here for you guys. This is Adán Ramirez Sánchez, a 23-year-old Mexican biotechnologist. He has found a solution to planet warming emissions from energy consumption in algae. He has created Intelligent Solar Bio-panels made of microalgae and carbon nanoparticles. They generate clean energy and oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. Meaning, they combine nature with technology to clean the air while generating electricity. The applications are vast but the one that caught my eye is using these Biopanels on Mars to produce energy, create oxygen safely, and provide sustenance (the algae biomass by-product) for astronauts and space settlers. It's a crazy combination that is going to change the world for sure. read more by clicking the link below. Read more

Soothing Oatmeal Aftershave

Currently being tested in the field by yours truly. This aftershave will soon be deployed to coworkers to get a final stamp of approval before being labeled up and put on the shelves. It's great for anybody with sensitive skin looking for comfort after a fresh shave or just a refreshing facial cleanse. Oils build up on our face and neck throughout the day and we need to keep those pores clean and clear!

How Can You Contribute to Sustainability Efforts at Home?

This month i'm not going to tell you to eat less red meat or anything as drastic, just clean your fridge! "I clean my fridge, Shane, i'm not an animal." Okay but when was the last time you cleaned the coils on your fridge? Your fridge is arguably the most expensive appliance in your house and it uses the most energy after a furnace or an air conditioner. They need some TLC sometimes. I've never read the manual on a fridge so I gave myself a pass but the coils on the back or bottom of a fridge need to be cleaned once every 6 months. Doing this will actually help your fridge draw less power. These coils cool and condense the refrigerant. When the coils are clogged with dirt and dust, they can't efficiently release heat. According to the Consumer Energy Center doing this will reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%. First just make sure you unplug your fridge!

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