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Ancient Pomade Mysteries

The history of pomade is usually told beginning in the 18th century. Aristocrats of high society wore extravagant styles to show off their wealth. In 1873 a UK company, Morgan's Pomade was established. Before that the Roman era saw soap as a popular styling product. The real history of pomade goes back more than 10 times further to the Ancient Egyptian times. Egyptians weren't that much different than our society today. They were very conscience of their appearance in life and after death. Both male and female mummies have been discovered with animal fat in their styled hair. The oldest of these mummies is from 3500 B.C.. Some even had tight ringlet curl styles much like Marylin Monroe would wear. They even dyed their hair! Today we have lanolin, beeswax and petroleum jelly to use instead of bear fat or lard thankfully! The thought of putting animal fat on our heads is pretty unsettling but maybe they knew something we didn't. Studies have suggested that fat cells in the body are the source of chemicals needed to stimulate hair growth. Maybe they mastered long luscious growing hair. It makes sense considering some animal fats contain tons of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which would help repair damaged hair in virtually every way. Having only been tested on mice thus far, the debate continues but researchers have shown great results. "Level Headed's Magical Animal Fat Hair Grow" coming soon ;) .

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