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Aftershave, Self Healing Concrete and whiskey

The wait is over!

Our soothing tea tree/mint oatmeal aftershave offers a rich finish to your shaving experience. It is great for sensitive skin and not only soothes redness but also puts moisture back into your skin. The witch hazel astringent base doesn't dry out your skin like the alcohol based ones do. The aloe vera ingredient leaves your skin feeling moist and cool. The oatmeal reduces inflammation and the tea tree/mint scent is sure to become something you look forward to! As always, every purchase of one of our products plants a tree through our partners at ! Buy now! Self Healing Concrete

This sounds pretty cool. What a great way to foster sustainability in the construction industry! It gets better though.... Not only does it heal itself, stretching the lifespan of concrete structures from 20 years to possibly 80 years but it does so by pulling CO2 out of the air! Click the link below for the full story! Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Who Likes Whiskey? (everyone)

This year I'll have a booth set up at the Detroit Whiskey Festival on July 30th in Eastern Market with cornhole! Come play! Detroit Whiskey Fest 2021

How Can You Contribute to Sustainability Efforts at Home?

One of the worst things filling our landfills is laundry detergent jugs. 700 million of these are thrown away every year in the United States alone. They are recyclable but only if washed out. Most people roll the dice and toss it in the recycle bin with residue inside and they don't get processed, they end up in the landfills. A great way to avoid them altogether is by using a product from "Earth Breeze". Earth Breeze sells laundry detergent sheets which are much more compact AND cheaper than liquid detergent. These sheets and their packaging are easily recyclable and vegan. I'm not involved in any paid partnership with them or anything they just caught my attention and then my business! Give them a try!

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